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Connecting My Class

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Welcome participants for the Outer SMR workshop:

"Connecting My Class"


There are a wide range of ways to connect your class with your own community or the wider community both within the state, the country or across the world.  


Please take a moment to tell me a bit about yourself, your experiences with global or similar projects and your expectations. SHARING DOCUMENT


While you are waiting for the session to start, you might like to register for an account at http://voicethread.com.  We will be using this site during the session and that way, you'll be all set to have a play at home later. For use with your class I would suggest you set up an educational account for you and your students to use.


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Heather said

at 1:34 pm on Jul 30, 2009

Thanks Jill and Julie for filling this is advance it really helps me get my head around what might work for this afternoon's session. I llok forward to seeing you there.

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