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Intro to Blogs and Wikis

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This workshop is an introductory session to using blogs and wikis in the classroom.


It includes a general introduction to the concept and use of blogs and wikis, along with a selection of examples to illustrate how they have been used by teachers and students.


There will also be an opportunity for you to share your own examples with the group.


Formative Assessment Task - Go to the Google Docs Quiz on Wikis and Blogs


Entry points / tasks for you in this workshop.


What on earth are blogs and wikis?

What are other teachers and students doing with blogs and wikis?

Okay, I want to start creating........

Check out the Common Craft videos below.


Go to "Technology How To" in Connect  

     Blogs   Wikis


Visit Global Teacher and Global Student


Read Global Teacher Guidelines and About Global Student


The Redback Project - Taking Little Steps to Learn About Web2.0

(Sue Arnott - Victorian teacher) 



Review some examples of school blogs and wikis in the workshop Powerpoint. or from the links below:


Teacher Posting examples







Student Posting examples



Whole School examples



Edublogs Awards 2008 - visit here to see some fantastic blogs from a round the world. 


Educational Software and Web2.0 - Susie Vesper



Consider how you might use blogs or wikis with your students. Discuss with your colleagues or make some notes.


For blogging, go to www.globalteacher.org.au 


For wikis, go to 


You'll need to create users accounts with these Web2.0 tools --> 

Choose a username that is appropriate for teacher - student use and a password that is is easy to remember 


Play the Teacher Tube video on the Blogging page of the Redback Project wiki 


Share your ideas and examples with the group and add them as comments below for others to see.



        Blogs In Plain English - Common Craft 



        Wikis In Plain English - Common Craft




Share, share and share!!! 



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